Venambak deliver a clean technology in aquaculture with water treatment, automation & energy management to reduce aquaculture waste & energy consumption for urban aquafarm.

Productivity Vs Sustainability

Aquaculture is an industrial sector that continues to grow due to the use of technology and the world’s protein needs. Efforts to increase production rates are a challenge in terms of limited water, land & energy resources as well as climate change. In addition, the expansion of cultivation areas without good planning will continue to harm coastal forest areas and increase aquaculture waste to marine & inland waters.

RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) Technology

Water & Waste Management

The ability to recirculate aquaculture water is an effort to avoid wasting water use. Aquaculture that becomes free (reduced) of pollutants, will be able to reduce failures & increase production even in limited land. Solid waste generated can be collected to indirectly pollute the sea or local waters.

Energy Management & Automation

Energy conversion per kg of cultivated product is a concern in increasing energy efficiency & aquaculture productivity. Aeration system engineering & scheduling of energy consumption as well as the use of clean energy is a necessity in cultivation.

Urban Aqua Farm

Limited land & responsive needs to be close to customers, make urban cultivation to be closer to open or closed systems (indoor farming), even though it is far from cultivation water sources.

Service | Design & Engineering

We bring a project management in your sustainable aquaculture farming from its design, contruction, testing & farm management service.

Service | Venambak Supply Chain

The sustainable supply chain is an integrated process which keeps the shrimp/fish started from the initial location, post harvest, cold chain logistic (TIISLOG), until it is accepted by the customers with fresh quality (Tiisbox).

Products | AMOREVenambak

Recirculating Aquaculture System for urban aquafarm to achieve more yield
with less water, less energy & less waste.

Aerator Pump | amoreVENJET

Water Treatment | amoreWT

Energy Monitoring | amoreEMOT

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